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Anushka Sharma emphasizes how people evaluate working mothers.

After having a mother, Anushka Sharma has addressed returning to work and striking a work-life balance. She says that in this male-dominated world, it is more challenging for women.

Anushka told a news website that it is likely more difficult for women to achieve a work-life balance. Due to the predominance of men in society, the actress feels that people do not understand the lives and feelings of working mothers. Anushka said that she did not realize it till she gave birth.

The ‘NH 10’ actress said that she has a strong feeling of sisterhood and a great deal of love and admiration for women. She says that having love and compassion for the topic has made her advocacy for women even more effective.

Anushka continued by stating that women may need more support in the workplace. The actress noted that some men are mindful of women, but added that the atmosphere of the workplace may be tough. The actress ended by saying that she hoped everyone would realize how important raising children is to the whole world.

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