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Anjula Acharia, manager of Priyanka Chopra, discusses negative aspects of the Bollywood industry

Priyanka Chopra’s manager, Anjula Acharia, has spoken out about the existing negativity in the Bollywood film industry after the actor. A fan on Twitter recently recalled how Anjula discussed being discouraged from working with Priyanka in her Forbes 2021 interview.

During the interview, Anjula shared her experience of signing Priyanka, saying that there were many people in India who were negative about her. She recounted being at a dinner with some prominent people from the Hindi film industry who were dismissive of Priyanka’s potential. Despite feeling hurt at the time, Anjula believed in Priyanka and her talent, saying, “I just had more belief in myself than what those people were telling me.”

Anjula always had faith in Priyanka and knew that she would become a global icon one day. She believes that naysayers are just noise and should be tuned out. She tweeted, “You have to tune it out @priyankachopra is undeniable, and we proved them all wrong. I knew she would be a global star the first time I saw her on TV.”

In exciting news, Priyanka Chopra will be returning to Bollywood after a long time. She will be seen in Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming movie, Jee Le Zaraa, alongside Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif.

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