Amna Ilyas has shared a look from her “item” song

Amna Illyas, a Pakistani model and actor, has a massive audience that has fallen completely in love with her because of her captivating persona and stunning looks.

The actress from Baaji was, however, in hot water after dancing to her brand new exciting track “Aatish.” from the film Chaudhry.

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The supermodel believes that the manner in which the phrase “item song” is currently utilized is not true to the motivation behind its creation. Amna said to a local media broadcaster “I believe that society has created a particular view of the term “item song,” which invariably lends a demeaning and sexist interpretation on the version that is finalized.

“Performance songs are meant to give a film more flavour. They are supposed to introduce viewers to a dancer who is able to perform flawlessly while enthralling them with the most catchy tune as she went on

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On the professional side, Amna Ilyas was most recently seen in the film Chaudhry that was co-directed and directed by Neha Laaj under the name under the name of LAAJ Productions and was helmed by Azeem Sajjad.

Together with Sana Fakhar as well as Yasir Hussain, it includes Jia Ali Arbaz Khan Saleem Mairaj Shamoon Abbasi Nawal Saeed as well as Sohail Sameer.

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