Ali Zafar said that he wouldn’t be in any dramas in the near future.

Ali Zafar, a musician, and actor, said in a rare online chat that he would not be on TV any time soon, even though his fans kept asking him to.

On a Sunday, when Zafar’s flight was canceled, he went on Twitter and wrote, “Flight canceled

I am fed up. Let’s do a Q & A. Mazay koi sawaal ka.(Some fun questions!) “

One fan asked, “Do you have any plans to work in the theater business?” Since Atif also has a job.”

Much to the disappointment of his fans, Zafar replied: “Ammm.. Abhee nahi shayad (not right now, maybe).”

In the meantime, Zafar answered some more interesting questions in the thread. One was: “Shehzad Roy and you, when did you get old?” When are you and Shehzad Roy going to be old? You are still young).

Zafar replied with a joke: “By the way, I was a kid when he started singing on TV!”

Even though Zafar’s answer was funny, another fan wrote, “Love you both, I was a kid when you both started singing” and pointed out some mistakes in what the Rockstar singer said. But you’re like 42 and @Shehzad, Roy is 44, so there isn’t much of a difference in age between them.

“If @ShehzadRoy started singing in the 90s when he was 15, then you must be 13,” the user Hamza Ali Haroon said next.

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