Ali Zafar denied the news of joining a political party

Ali Zafar, the world famous singer of Pakistan music industry, denied the news of joining a political party.

Ali Zafar, while releasing a video message on Twitter, said that people should avoid spreading false news and the media should also do research before broadcasting the news.

The singer wrote in the caption of the video that ‘It is not appropriate to politicize and make everything controversial without research. The real truth of the picture published with the headlines.
Referring to the viral photo of PTI’s election symbol bat with a t-shirt, the singer said that he had worn this mock-up t-shirt before his performance in Toronto.

Ali Zafar, while showing the T-shirt in the video, made it clear that it has not only a bat mark but also a tiger and other marks on it.


Ali Zafar said, “Don’t give political or wrong color to this picture of me with this T-shirt. I am an artist. Let me know.” In another of his tweets, Ali Zafar said that he will wear the banyan in the future.

Has Ali Zafar joined PML-N? Singer reacts to speculation

It may be remembered that since yesterday, Ali Zafar’s picture with a bat mark was circulating on social media, after seeing which speculations were being made that the singer has joined PTI or PMLN.

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