Ahad Raza Mir’s first post of 2023 marks his return to social media.

After a short break, actor Ahad Raza Mir is back on social media. The Ye Dil Mera’s first post of 2023 was a picture of himself wearing a trendy green Guayabera shirt with flowers on it.

Some people still blame Ahad for getting a divorce from his wife, Sajal Aly, because of online trolls, but his fans couldn’t help but go “gaga” over his most recent photo.

Ahad Raza Mir put the seductive photos on Instagram with the mysterious comment,

All of the “Ahadians” were thrilled when their favourite TV star showed up. But his first post on social media in 2023 didn’t interest very many of his followers at all.

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The actor from Ehd-e-Wafa had a hard year before. Ahad Raza has gotten a lot of bad feedback online, which may have made him stop using social media. This could be because his upcoming Netflix show was cancelled and he broke up with actress Sajal Aly. When the Pakistani actor came back to social media, he thought he would get a warm welcome, but instead, he was trolled online.
Funny rumours spread among Ahad’s fans that he might have forgotten his Instagram password, which would explain why he had gone missing. One Instagram user, Ahad, asked other users in a cheeky way to use his comment as a “dislike” button. Had a lot of “likes,” or should we say “dislikes”?

When he acted for the first time in Yaqeen ka Safar, Ahad Raza Mir became a huge star in Pakistan. Since then, he has given performances in the popular drama series Aangan, Hum Tum, and Saami that have earned him standing ovations. He got his start in Hollywood with the Netflix show Resident Evil.

As a result of his first performance anywhere in the world, the actor became the first Pakistani actor to appear in a Netflix show. But Netflix cancelled Resident Evil because not enough people watched it or gave it high ratings. Even though the actor may not have any upcoming projects, his younger brother, Adnan Raza Mir, is about to make his television debut.

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