Actor Imran Abbas and Neelam Muneer say “yes” when they meet.

Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer Khan has said “yes” to a relationship with a well-known actor. Imran Abbas is one of the best-known actors in the country.

A video of Nada Yasir, her husband Yasir Nawaz, and actress Neelam Muneer is circulating on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. They can be seen talking about their lives.

He met with people at the meeting to talk about his new movie, “Chakar.” While they were at it, Neelam Muneer and Yasir Nawaz also asked Neelam Muneer interesting questions.

In the middle of the conversation, Nada Yasir said to her husband, “Let’s look for a relationship for Neelam Muneer.” Imran Abbas is the name Yasir Nawaz came up with for the actress.

She didn’t say anything about this, but Imran Abbas will be accepted. This name is right, Imran Abbas is a good person, and I like him, too, so this is the right choice.

She also said that Imran Abbas is a person who thinks positive things will happen. She told Yasir Nawaz that you had come up with a great name for me.

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