Abhishek Pathak and Shivaleeka Oberoi share pictures of their beautiful, colourful mehendi.

Last Thursday, Abhishek Pathak and Shivaleeka Oberoi got married. Goa was the place of the wedding. On Wednesday, the couple posted beautiful photos from her mehendi ceremony to Instagram, including shots of the groom caressing the bride’s cheek and smiling at her. Abhishek wore a white kurta with patterns and a sherwani jacket, and Shivaleeka wore a light green lehenga with very little jewellery.

In the first picture Shivaleeka posted on Instagram, Abhishek is kissing Shivaleeka on the forehead as she blushes. They are both sitting on a wedding-themed swing. The second picture is a candid shot of them smiling and looking at their mehendi while standing next to a swing with white and pink flower garlands around it. Shivaleeka was smiling and holding her dupatta in the third picture. In the next picture, Shivaleeka can’t stop smiling while Abhishek hugs her. A picture was also sent of the two of them smiling and holding hands.

Shivaleeka posted these pictures and wrote in the caption, “All sunshine and rainbows (heart, rainbow, and sunshine emoticons)” On Friday, they both posted their wedding albums to Instagram. One of the photos was a candid shot of the groom giving the bride a kiss on the cheek during the ceremony. Abhishek wore a cream sherwani to the wedding, and Shivaleeka wore a red lehenga with elaborate bridal jewellery.

Shivaleeka and Abhishek became friends while working together on the movie Khuda Haafiz (2020), which Abhishek was in charge of directing. It hasn’t been long since we started dating, but when something feels right, it is right,” Shivaleeka said in an interview with The Times of India last year. Abhishek had already started filming for Drishyam 2. Even though we had a lot going on over the past two years, we still made time for each other. Our friends could tell that we worked well together. There are a lot of married actresses working today, and their careers are going well. Work and relationships can get along well in life. Abhishek and I have also talked about this topic. Both of us know that our jobs affect our lives

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