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Aamir Khan once again got into trouble after the release of ‘Lal Singh Chadha’.

After the release of Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan’s controversial film “Lal Singh Chadha’, he is once again in trouble.

Indian news sources say that Aamir Khan’s movie Lal Singh Chadha, which has been criticised a lot, has been given an FIR in Delhi.

According to Indian media, a Delhi lawyer has filed an FIR against the police commissioner, Sanjay Arora, against the producer, Aamir Khan, director Advaita Chandan, and the film distributor, Paramount Pictures.

Vineet Jindal, a lawyer, said that Aamir Khan’s movie has some offensive scenes that hurt the feelings of Hindus and insult the Indian Army.

The petition filed by Vineet Jindal states that “in this film, the filmmakers have shown that a mentally challenged person was allowed to join the army to fight in the Kargil war.”

He further wrote that “It is a well-known fact that the best army personnel, highly trained soldiers were sent to fight in the Kargil war, but the makers of the film deliberately used the said situation to demoralise the Indian army and discredit it. submitted to ‘.

Referring to a scene in the film, he wrote that the film hurts religious sentiments. In the film, a Pakistani official asks Lal Singh Chadha about worship, saying, “I pray and I worship, so do you.” Why not?

To which ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ replied, “My mother said that all this Pooja Path is malaria, it causes riots’.

The petition further claimed that “this dialogue is insulting to the entire Hindu community as it not only inflames religious sentiments but also causes incitement among the followers of Hinduism’.

It should be remembered that after the boycott, Aamir Khan’s film has managed to earn only 37 crores since its release, which is a proof of the failure of this big budget film.

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