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A gushing Deepika Padukone names Ranveer Singh her “cheerleader.”

Deepika Padukone extols the virtues of beau Ranveer Singh, referring to him as my cheerleader.’

Deepika Padukone stated that Ranveer Singh is a sensitive and empathetic spouse who always shows her appreciation, even at home.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Gehraiyaan actress extolled her husband’s virtues, referring to him as her ‘cheerleader.’

Ranveer is without a doubt, my cheerleader… But it’s not only on social media; it’s also at home when I experiment with gardening or cooking, “Deepika said.

The Bollywood diva, who married Ranveer in 2018, discussed why her parents adored him, revealing that the 83-year-old actor values little details.

“Ranveer is an emotionally intelligent and compassionate spouse. Even when he meets my parents, he never fails to express his admiration for me,” Deepika said. “He is attentive to the smallest details, which is what I like most about him.”

“While my family is not as frank as Ranveer, they constantly respect his ability to express himself so freely,” Deepika added.

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