A famous Pakistani actress died suddenly, found dead in a room

Pakistan’s famous actress and supermodel Saeeda Imtiaz has passed away.

Actress Saeeda Imtiaz’s team has shared the sad news of the death of the actress on her verified Instagram account.

In an Instagram story shared an hour ago, it is stated that Saeeda Imtiaz was found dead in her room this morning.

It should be noted that the news of the death of the actress has spread like wildfire on social media.

This sad news is being shared by social media users.

It should be remembered that 32-year-old Saeeda Imtiaz has worked in the film ‘Qalfi’, ‘Redram’, ‘Thori Setting Tutchi Pyaar’, ‘Vujud’ and the film ‘Kaptan’.

Saeeda Imtiaz played the role of Jemima in Imran Khan’s film ‘Kaptan’.

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