Watch as Dolly’s new video on a bike goes viral on TikTok.

Dolly has a verified account on the social media app TikTok and has more than 11 million followers.

She posted a new video on Instagram in which she lip-syncs to a song and dances like a diva while showing off her beauty.

Her stage name, Dolly, is what most people know her by. Before she became famous as a Tiktoker, she ran her own salon in Lahore, Pakistan, called Dolly Fashion Icon.


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She was singing earlier while a big fire burned in the background. People say that she set fire to the forest to make her Tiktok happy. People were very angry about what happened, and Tiktoker got a lot of criticism from the public and the media. Many people, including Mathira, Mishi Khan, Hamid Mir, Maryam Nafees, Ahmad, and many others, said that the Tiktoker was acting stupidly.

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