Sophia Mirza requested that her daughters assist in blackmailing their father.

The actress and model Sophia Mirza’s twin daughters have revealed that their mother encouraged them to steal their passports and their father’s money. to blackmail and flee their residence in Dubai.

In an interview with a Pakistani television station, Zainab and Zunairah Umar discussed their mother, Sophia Mirza, for the first time in an interview with a Pakistani television station and in a written affidavit presented to Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Zainab and Zunairah Umar said that their mother’s assertions that they are being held against their will are false and deceptive, and that they are living happily in Dubai with their father, Umar Farooq Zahoor.

After Sophia Mirza held a press conference to demand the repatriation of her two children from Dubai-based Norwegian Pakistani Farooq Zahoor, the twins spoke out.

42-year-old Sophia Mirza attended a press conference following a major investigation that was also reported in newspapers. The inquiry revealed that Shehzad Akbar, the former Accountability and Interior Minister of Imran Khan, instructed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to target Umar Farooq Zahoor in response to a complaint filed by Sophia Mirza. She filed the case against her ex-husband using the alias Khushbakht Mirza without ever revealing her true identity. The FIA kept looking into three cases that had been closed because there wasn’t enough evidence. In one of these cases, Mr. Zahoor was cleared by the NAB, but the FIA still filed Red Arrest Warrants with Interpol against him.

In response to claims made by their mother, Khushbakht Mirza (also known as Sophia Mirza and Sofia Mirza in the entertainment industry), at the press conference, the teen twins emphasised that the model was conducting media interviews to gain fame and media sympathy.

Sofia Mirza’s daughters said that even though they had been to Dubai several times and written to their mother often, she still wouldn’t meet with them and ignored their pleas.

According to Zainab Umar and Zunairah Umar, they chose to live in Dubai with their father out of their own free will and happiness.

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