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On which question of Faizan and Adi did Neelam Munir threaten to leave the show?


Actors and hosts Adi Adeel Amjad and Faizan Sheikh have made a revelation about the show with actress Neelam Munir.

Adeel Amjad and Faizan Sheikh recently appeared on a private TV show during which they talked to host Noman Ijaz about their careers and various events.

During the show, Faizan Sheikh said that whether it is comedy or hosting is not easy, sometimes our humor also creates a difficult situation.

Faizan Sheikh revealed that during one of the shows, actress Maria Wasiti was also very angry with both of them. However, as the host, whenever we feel that we have made a mistake, we immediately apologize.

On the other hand, in the show, Adi Adeel said that in one show, actress Neelam Munir was also angry with him.

He repeated the incident of Neelam getting angry and said that Neelam Munir came in one show and during the show in one segment we asked her if she likes son or daughter.

The actresses got angry over the question, what kind of question is this, I am leaving the show and the whole team was amazed at what is wrong with the question.

Adi Adeel said that later the management also apologized to the actress and the segment of the show was re-hosted.

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