Mahnoor Baloch Discusses the Lack of Diversity in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

Mahnoor Baloch highlights lack of diversity in the Pakistani media industry

Renowned actress Mahnoor Baloch has recently expressed her concerns over the lack of diversity in the Pakistani media industry. The actress, who is known for her infrequent appearances in movies and dramas, spoke about the issue during a television program.

According to Baloch, the industry is still developing, and there are limited roles designed for women, which are repetitive and limited in age range. In contrast to the international media industry, which produces stories on different subjects and people of various ages, the Pakistani media industry only focuses on love stories, portraying actors who are much older than their characters.

The actress stressed that people’s perceptions are changing, and the industry should adapt to this new outlook. She added, “Even though the hero is 55 years old, he does not look old. It seems because people’s thinking is changing and they don’t accept it anymore.”

Mahnoor Baloch, who has been associated with the Pakistani showbiz industry for many years, has made her mark as an actress, model, and director. Her remarks highlight the need for the Pakistani media industry to embrace diversity and offer a wider range of roles to its actors and actresses.

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