How many tattoos does Mathira have on her body?

Pakistani actress and host Mathira has revealed some important secrets about herself.

Recently, Mathira along with her sister actress Rose Mohammad participated in a show on a private TV channel during which they discussed various topics.

During the conversation, Mathira said that he has 40 tattoos on his body which show signs like fire and water and they are all written in Chinese.

During the show, Mathira gave a special advice to her fans that they should never get their spouse’s names tattooed.

Mathira said she had a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name which she tried to remove but could not.

He said that tattoos should not be made because after separation we leave the journey of life and tattoos do not go away.

It should be noted that Mathira was married to a singer named Faran J. Mirza in 2012 and the two separated in 2018 while they also have a son.

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